Dreamer in the noLand

Οδοιπόρος στον ουΤόπο

An all Greek Book…

It's all Greek for me and… You! as well.
So let me offer some extra stuff.
That'll be all English for me!
And for You

…with some extra tweaking

Doo! See them all)

WiseMan * BeFriendMe * TheSlip * TheSeventhWindow *
DownStream * isThisLife? * Bwoy!
* Bwoy,
You! Can't you see? * ThoughtsOfYouInLoneliness
* moreGreekStuff *

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..Wise man once said nothing
..While he was thinking
..How difficult was it
..Trying to please everyone
..He wanted so badly to go on
....But despite his wisdom
..He recalled how always was he
..Fearing change
..Alas! The poor wise man
..Feeling his life was his cage
..Saw how the sun and the moon laughed at him
..Living in the past
.. Oh you the wise man
..I know the truth. I close my eyes.
..I know the reason. No need to ask WHY when
..Putting myself down
..It's a big hell of things to quit
..Now you the wise man inside me Stop!
..That's a big hell of five things to quit
.. But quitting takes a moment
.. And lasts a life
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Camel > Moonmadness >> Spirit of the Water, Instrumental (1976)

Camel > Rain Dances >> Rain Dances (1977)

Camel > Moonmadness >> Spirit of the Water (1976)

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I step to the window
It’s my seventh window
A mirror window
I can now see in it
I can see my seventh soul
It’s like a bird with no song
How can this be a bird
One with no song
One that still has wings
I can see me now
A bird in front of a window
Flying away me my seventh soul
In search of a lost life
Six souls
Hanging somewhere there
Beyond the seventh window
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Long is my story
Short my sweet moments have been
Moments of life moments of love
My story is on a stage
I pretend I play myself
In vain I tried to learn my role
Thousand times I tried
No matter what I want
No matter how I feel
I keep going downstream
No words no cry
A free bird with no song
Tumbling in the water
I still keep going
A leaf turned brown
Long way downstream
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Is this life

What is life
It's all about rools
It's all about doos
It's all about nos
Is this life
What is love
It's a fresh breez
It's your fresh breath
It's your being by me
It's that countless moment
When you forgive
The rools
The doos
The nos
Is this Life


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I was walking down the bridge
Gazing at my dream
When a fortune teller crossed my path
Gipsy persona
One I always avoid!

Had a glimpse of her
Enough to make her speak

She said

Just for you my boy
I can cut five next days short
You could so have the sixth
Sooner and longer

Give me a guinea Lucky You!
You could so live your naughty dream
Longer... Δόσε ένα τάλαρο
...Lusting! Για την τύχη
που σε φέρνω...

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Bw0y! You!… Can't You See?

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You choose to come and go
You disappear when you get scared
You return when you need comfort
I greet you with open arms
In my belief
You won’t leave again
I choose to forgive
In my hope
You’ll be with me again
Again you run away
No warning
No trace
Leaving me
In the cold
In dark
In loneliness
It’s harder and harder
Instead of easier and easier

All is only love and hate
for you
It’s true
I can now see this
You used to love me
When I never loved you
Now you hate me
But I could never hate you
Since you left I felt I missed you
I now have no one to care about
I have no one to hate me
Or love me
It’s getting harder and harder
Instead of easier and easier

Thoughts of You
In Loneliness
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Το Αερικό

Σε μιά απρόσμενη στροφή του ονείρου μου, βλέπω την καστανόξανθη ομορφιά της να ξεπροβάλλει θολά και σεμνά μπροστά στα μάτια μου.
Η μορφή της πλημμυρίζει τον ορίζοντά μου σε όλο του το βάθος και, όπως πάντα στα όνειρά μου, δε μου δίνει σημασία καμμιά. Το είναι της, η ματιά της, είναι δοσμένα στο δοξάρι που με αργές συρτές κινήσεις πάνω στις χορδές του βιολιού της, σκορπίζει ήχους όχι από αυτόν τον κόσμο.
Και νά, τήν βλέπω πάλι, αυτή τη φορά στα δεξιά μου και πάλι μακρυά, τόσο για να μη μπορώ να την ακουμπήσω.
Είναι σωστή ανεράδα ντυμένη στα κόκκινα όπως τόσες φορές την έχω φανταστεί· στροβιλίζεται στους ήχους τού δοξαριού
με το κόκκινο φουστάνι της να στροβιλίζεται κι αυτό και νακολουθεί τις κινήσεις του κορμιού. Και πάλι σημασία δε μου δίνει καμμιά. Μιά ύπαρξη, όλη δοσμένη στην κίνηση του κορμιού της. Και δε θα μπορούσα να σηκώσω το βλέμμα μου από πάνω της αν ξάφνου δεν ξεπρόβαλλε σα φλόγα–πυρκαϊά, κόκκινο το αερικό όλο μπροστά μου ακαθόριστη μορφή, χωρίς πρόσωπο, γυναίκα είναι, ανεράδα είναι, μήπως καποιο ανέραστο τρομακτικό πνεύμα…
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Το Βιβλίο